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Plastic fueled boiler has the same function and effect as the regular oil or gas boilers. However, it uses plastic for its main fuel.
Generally the boiler is composed of burner, heat exchanger and controller. The key technology is burner. GRT`s burner combusts plastic fuel in solid continuously and regularly and is designed to burn it perfectly, so that the density of pollutants emitted on burning is much less than that of Korea and US EPA standard.
GRT is possible for refused waste plastic to be used for useful fuel.
  1) Excellent economical efficiency
   Fuel cost of PFB is much lower than that of any other oil or gas boilers.
2) Use of dual sources
   PFB can use also oil for fuel in case of a shortage of plastic fuel.
3) Using various plastics for fuel
   - PFB can use for fuel various plastics (7 types) like PE, PETE, PS, LDPE etc.
   - Various plastics have difficulty in being classified by types and recycled.
4) Using for fuel alternative energy favorable to environment
   Non- recyclable plastic is used for energy.
  1) Input into crusher
2) Crusher
3) Silo
4) Flat screen
5) Conveyer
6) Storage tank
7) Release
8) Package
9) Plastic fuel
  1) Emission test (Summery) KTL
2) Emission test (English) KTL
3) Emission test (Korean) KTL
4) Patent (No. 413188) KIPO
5) Patent (No. 0476997) KIPO
6) Performance assessment of plastic fueled burner (KTL)
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