::::::::::GR Technologies
GR Technologies is creating a corporate culture of originality and harmony to carry out social responsibility and role.
GRT respects the originality to lead high technology and makes an effort to create a favorable company which can bloom confidence and love.
GRT will do its best to supply much more comfortable future for its clients
  1) Name
William Bang

2) Employment history
2000-Present Chair/CEO, GR Technologies Inc
(Technology R&D Company-Korean Company)
1998-1999 Chair/CEO, DVBS Bahama Corporation
Digital Video CoDec Technology Development Corporation,
and ití»s RTO into NQB in Public Nov 1999 and Trading
at US$16.75)
1997-1998 CFO, Internet Broadcasting System
(Internet Streaming Technology R&D Company)
1997-1994 Co-Founder, Mayer-Bang Production
(Independent Film Production and Promotion Company)
1990-1992 Marketing, UIP-CIC Korea Inc
(Film Distribution Company)

3) Education
2001-2002 MBA Program, KAIST University
2000-2001 MBA Program, Korea University

Gangnung National University
(Graduated in 1990 with M.A in Economy)

1981-1984 Gangnung High School
(Graduated in 1984)
::::::::::GR Technologies